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It seems that there are no obstacles that Maria Andreeva cannot overcome. This Russian actress started on the theater stage after receiving a diploma from the specialized institute but fastly switched to TV series and feature films. Continue reading

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Only a few males can overcome Jodie Williams in running as she is one of the most prominent British sportsmen in this sphere. Jodie’s best period was in the youth when she won several tournaments and set numerous personal and state records. Continue reading

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The popularity of Dany Michalski can be compared to the brands she was advertising: Sony, Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, to mention a few. Continue reading

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The popularity of Lily-Rose Depp was predetermined before she even decided what sphere and activity she prefers. As her parents are prominent actors Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis (also a model and singer), the attention to the girls was huge since birth. Continue reading

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Lauren Goodger is a representative of the common boom on the glamour appearance: lips, breasts, and hips make all the effect of the person. However, the girl is a rather popular actress in Britain and participated in several TV series and feature films. Continue reading

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The early achievements of Jessica Dykstra were notable and helped her to become popular but, at the same time, interfered with her to participate in Miss America 2012. Continue reading

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Being born in Denmark in 1979, Laura Bach was always an active person. Her primary activity is acting in feature films and TV series, which gave her fame. However, Laura started as a theater actress and smoothly transformed into the screen character. Continue reading

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Current achievements of Bella Thorne looks incredible – she participated in tens of films and series before she even gained 22. Even though her career started when she was only six, the girl was smoothly developing and mastering professional skills. Continue reading

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The role in the TV series “House” transformed Olivia Wilde into a worldwide celebrity. Even though the American actress participated in tenth of films and series, medical drama still her most notable role that gave her several influential nominations. Continue reading

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The desire to gain fame by Manik Wijewardana is understandable, as being a popular media person in the developing country is steep. The actress from Sri Lanka participated in several films for the local market, with most activity during 2013-2014. Continue reading